The Business Travel Account is a flexible, easy-to-implement lodged Card, which is held at the travel management Company of your choice, and can be used for travel bookings on your Company’s behalf.  It is a powerful tool to consolidate all air, car hire, hotel, passport and visa expenses onto a single account, with several features to improve reconciliation and control. This removes the need for multiple invoices and expense claims to be processed.

Why choose the American Express Business Travel Account?

Superior travel data
The American Express Business Travel Account Card statement captures ticket and order number data (including data from low-cost airlines), and will therefore correspond with invoices received. Transactional listings are available on a weekly basis to ease the process of account reconciliation.


Rich management information
The American Express Business Travel Account Card provides companies with consolidated management information of all centrally booked spend into a single account.  In addition, our data integrates well with a wide range of travel expense management software.


Electronic billing
Receive statements via email free of charge, which can then be downloaded and integrated into your organisation’s own expense management system.



The BTAPowerlink is a unique online solution that streamlines reconciliation and allows you to access data securely, and makes every stage of the reconciliation process easier and more visible. To help ensure you receive all the data you require American Express has personal relationships and daily data connections with many of the top Travel Management Companies.


Dispute resolution
Should the Company have a dispute about a transaction, the account will be credited with the disputed amount while the matter is being resolved.


Worldclass service
Travel management Companies have access to a dedicated facility to assist with all their day-to-day service requirements.  A dedicated key account manager will also be assigned to your Company if your spend exceeds certain thresholds.


Travel Insurance
Click here for a breakdown of benefits.

For more information about the American Express Business Travel Account (BTA):

  • Call American Express Card Direct on 0860 102 191 or 011 710 4736