The American Express Corporate Gold Card is designed specifically for frequent domestic and international business travellers. In addition to offering all the features available on the American Express Corporate Card, the American Express Corporate Gold Card also comes with unmistakable prestige and a wider range of employee benefits.

Exclusive benefits available with the American Express Gold Corporate Card

Free airport lounge access
Corporate Cardmembers gain free access to local and international Premier Club lounges in South Africa.  Guests gain access at a reduced rate.


Business Travel Baggage and Personal Possessions Benefit
The standard automatic travel insurance includes benefit for loss, theft or damage to your luggage when travelling to a destination outside your country of residence. This applies when your travel expenses are charged to the American Express Gold Corporate Card. On other card programmes this feature is usually only available when topup insurance cover is purchased.


Fine dining
When Cardmembers book at an American Express Platinum Fine Dining restaurant before 10 am, they are assured of having a table reserved.  This benefit is usually only available to American Express Platinum Cardmembers.


Higher cash limits
American Express Gold Corporate Cardmembers qualify for higher cash withdrawal limits if your company allows cash usage on the Card.