The American Express Telkom Payment Solution is a unique virtual card facility that operates on a pre-funded basis. If your corporate Telkom voice and data accounts exceed R250,000 per month, settle your accounts with American Express and receive valuable Membership Rewards™ points or a pre-determined rebate.

How it works:

American Express sets up a dedicated Corporate Card account for monthly voice and data accounts. Instead of paying Telkom directly, you simply do the following:

  • Deposit your payments into the American Express Corporate Card account;
  • Complete your account schedules online via our secure Telkom Payment Portal, which features several checks and balances to reduce the risk of capturing errors; and
  • Submit your schedules for settlement.
Our team of account managers and administrators are able to assist with the entire process to ensure that your payments are processed seamlessly. You will receive daily automated email reminders five days before the due date, which will assist you in settling your Telkom account on time.

How your organisation benefits:

There is no impact on your organisation’s cash flow, and because the Corporate Card account is pre-funded, there is no need for any credit facility. Earning Membership Rewards™ points is easy, and these can be redeemed for rewards ranging from frequent-flyer miles and hotel accommodation, to restaurant discounts. A number of companies use their Rewards points as incentives for outstanding staff achievement, or to redeem air tickets and upgrades for travelling staff members.

Alternatively, you can benefit from a pre-determined rebate, which can be allocated to direct savings, or used for staff incentives or corporate social responsibility.

No other card facility allows you to benefit to this extent for such a significant expense line.