The following Card Terms and Conditions (T&C) clauses have been amended for the following products:

American Express Personal Credit Cards, clause 2, 6, 15 & 22
American Express Personal Charge Cards, clause 2, 6, 15 & 22
Nedbank SAA Voyager Credit Card, clause 2, 6, 16 & 23
Nedbank Greenbacks Credit Card, clause 2, 6, 15 & 22
Nedbank Small Business Cards, clause 2, 6, 15 & 22
American Express Business Cards, clause 2, 6, 13 & 20
American Express Corporate Cards, clause 2, 6, 13 & 20
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Reduce Fraud


Reduce Chargebacks


Manage Enquiries

Now with Merchant Services you can access policies and recommended procedures to help answer questions you may have about your American Express Merchant relationship. You can find information about reconciling payments and resolving disputes, using a terminal to complete transactions, review our policies and procedures, reduce fraud and chargebacks, and answers to common questions.
Reconcile Payments and Resolve Disputes

American Express will send you a monthly statement, listing a summary of charges paid to you. When processing charges electronically, money is deposited into your account within 24 hours. Paper vouchers take 14 days to clear

For any enquiries on reconciling payments or resolving disputes call us on (011) 667 - 8173 and ask for Merchant Services department.

Reduce Fraud
Each year, millions of Rands are lost due to fraudulent use of charge and credit cards. Reduce the risk of your business being victimised by following these basic guidelines of card acceptance and authorisations.

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Reduce Chargebacks

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Manage Enquiries
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