The American Express® Gold Card

Gold Charge Card

My life gives me a view from the top.
My card ensures itís a window seat.

Card Fees and Interest Rates

All fees are VAT- inclusive and are effective from 1 January 2016.
Annual fee R600,00.
Supplementary Card Free.
Membership Rewards™ R228,00.
Once-off initiation fee R600,00.
Garage card N/A
Charge Card Free.
Transactional SMS notification Free.
Cash (over the counter and at Nedbank ATM) R10,00 plus R1,32 per R100,00 or part thereof (minimum R17,00).
Cheque (over the counter and at Nedbank ATM) R15,00.
Cash withdrawals  
Over the counter at Nedbank branch R35,00 plus R1,32 per R100,00 or part thereof.
Nedbank ATM and SSD R4,00 plus R1,32 per R100,00 or part thereof.
Saswitch ATM R7,00 plus R4,00 plus R1,32 per R100,00 or part thereof.
Overseas1 R40,00 plus R1,32 per R100,00 or part thereof.
Transfers and payments  
Electronic payment (internet and SSD)2 R8,00.
Transfer (internet and SSD)2 R4,00.
Transfer (over the counter at Nedbank branch) R35,00.
NetBank internet payment – SMS R1,05.
NetBank internet payment – email R0,75.
NetBank internet payment – fax R5,50.
Balance enquiries  
Nedbank ATM and SSD Free.
Another bank’s ATM R5,00.
Branch R5,00 (First free per cycle).
NetBank (internet) Free.
Statement enquiries  
Nedbank ATM Free.
Nedbank SST Free.
Emailed/Posted statement Free.
Other fees  
Dishonoured payment R125,00.
Tracing Up to R377,00.
Incorrectly disputed transaction (local or international) R150,00.
Other charges  
Card replacement Free.
Face-to-face Card delivery R135,00.
Same-day Card delivery R375,00.
Special clearance of cheque deposit in branch R90,00.
Returned cheque R125,00.
Monthly user internet banking subscription fee3 R16,00.
1 A currency conversion fee will apply to all foreign transations.
2 Includes transfers and payments via self-service terminals, self-service devices, NetBank internet banking, Cellphone Banking WAP, SMS Banking, Telephone Banking: Agent-assisted and Telephone Banking: Self-service.
3 Internet banking fee charged if this is the sole Nedbank account.
ATM automated teller machine
SSD self-service device
SST self-service terminal
New credit interest rates for the American Express Gold Card
Bands New credit interest rates
R0.01c - R14,999.99 0.50%
R15,000.00 - R49,999.99 0.50%
R50,000.00 - R999,999.99 2.00%
R1Mil + 3.50%
Debit interest rate 17.00%.
The charge Card does not have a conventional preset spending limit like a typical credit card, but rather a shadow limit that reinforces your financial flexibility. This shadow spending limit is variable and is reviewed regularly based on a number of factors, including your credit record, account history, spending patterns and our current understanding of your financial resources. To protect you we also closely monitor your account for out-of-pattern (potentially fraudulent) spend behaviour. Please call us should you be planning larger-than-usual expenditure in the near future or if you wish to ascertain or increase your current shadow limit. Charge Cards require you to settle the full amount of your bill on the specified payment due date. If the bill is unpaid, interest is charged from the day of purchase and your ability to use the Card may be affected.



We welcome you to apply for the American Express Gold Charge Card, providing the following criteria are met:

  • You are over 18 years of age;
  • You have a good credit rating;
  • You are a South African resident; and
  • You have an annual income of R200,000 or more.