The American Express® Gold Card

Gold Charge Card

My life gives me a view from the top.
My card ensures itís a window seat.

The American Express Gold Card allows you to travel in style and enjoy exclusive benefits worldwide.

Global financial network: American Express

The American Express Gold Card is recognised internationally as the charge card of choice for travellers. In addition to hassle-free travel, the Gold Card offers you outstanding financial benefits such as free Supplementary Cards and flexible spending limits based on your expenditure.


Every adventure is now a pleasure when travelling with your American Express Gold Card

Travel is made effortless with the various benefits that are on offer with your Gold Card, such as exclusive travel offers and discounted rates on car rental in South Africa. You will receive up to eight free visits per calendar year to the Premier Club Lounges in South Africa. And giving you peace of mind while you’re travelling, you have access to an international network of compatible ATMs and free automatic travel insurance. In the event that you need additional cash while overseas, your American Express Card entitles you to emergency cash.


Reward yourself with your American Express Gold Card benefits

By joining the highly acclaimed American Express Membership Rewards™ programme*, you will earn one point for every R5 eligible spend*. You can redeem your points for numerous benefits, including flights and shopping vouchers, or you can even donate points to a charity of your choice.


Financial freedom, courtesy of your American Express Gold Card

With the Gold Card you have total control over your finances – your Gold Card has a no preset spending limit, which gives you the ability to use your Gold Card every day and to set your own limit based on your ongoing spend patterns and your ability to pay the full outstanding balance on your account each month. Whether you want to budget or track business and personal expenses on separate Cards, the Gold Card gives you the ultimate control over your personal finances.

*Terms and conditions apply.


The American Express Membership Rewards™ programme

Join the highly acclaimed Membership Rewards programme* today and earn one point for every R5 of spend**on your Gold Card. Rewards points never expire and can be redeemed for a variety of lifestyle and travel rewards.

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No preset spending limit

The American Express Gold Card does not have a conventional preset spending limit like a typical credit card, but rather a shadow limit that is variable and reviewed regularly based on a number of factors, including your repayment history, spending patterns and your financial resources. To protect you from potential fraud we also monitor your account for out-of-pattern spending. Please call us should you be planning larger-than-usual expenditure in the near future, are travelling abroad, or wish to ascertain or increase your current shadow limit. The American Express Gold Card requires you to settle the full amount of your bill on the specified payment due date. If the full bill is unpaid, interest is charged from the day of purchase and your ability to use the Gold Card may be affected.


Year-end summary statement

Upon request, Gold Cardmembers annually receive a detailed yearly spend analysis and summary broken down into categories and providing valuable information about their Card spend.


Access to local airport lounges

You receive up to eight free visits per calendar year to the Premier Club Lounges in South Africa located at OR Tambo, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth International Airports. 

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Avis benefit

Enjoy a discount on car rental brochure rates in South Africa. Reservations should be made through the American Express Gold Card Services (24-hour service) to ensure that you enjoy the best rates available for the chosen period of the rental.


Online banking

For a nominal fee you have access to balance and transaction enquiries online, 24 hours a day.


Local and global acceptance

Your Gold Charge Card is accepted wherever you see the American Express sign, locally or internationally.  Throughout South Africa your Gold Card is accepted at over 60 000 merchants, including retail establishments such as Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Shoprite Checkers, Edgars and the Spar Group.  We are also well-represented at a range of other merchants, upmarket niche boutiques, hotels, restaurants and much more, who will gladly accept your Gold Card and understand the prestige associated with American Express Brand.  


Budget facility

For ease and convenience we offer a budget facility for larger-than-normal purchases (amounts over R300), which you can pay off over 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months.  


Dispute resolution

When a legitimate dispute arises, the item being questioned is set aside and you pay the balance of the account. Finance charges are not raised on items American Express agrees to place on dispute until resolved.


'CHIP & PIN' Cards

American Express is currently issuing ‘CHIP & PIN’ Cards for all American Express products. Your Gold Card will require a PIN, which will ensure that your Card transactions are safer and more secure.  When you receive your new Gold Card, we will include your PIN, which you should remember and use whenever prompted by a merchant. 

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Travel insurance

Purchase your travel tickets on your American Express Gold Card and both you and your family are covered, locally and internationally. Optional comprehensive topup cover is available at a discounted rate.

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Emergency cash

In the event that you need additional cash while overseas, your Gold Card entitles you to emergency cash.  You can withdraw cash from over
800 000 ATMs around the world.  In addition, present your Gold Card at any American Express Travel or Foreign Exchange Office and you can withdraw up to $ 1000 per billing cycle. 


Supplementary Cards

You can apply for free Supplementary Gold Cards for family, friends or a partner.

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There is no additional cost for monthly electronic statements. With this option American Express Cardmembers can have a positive impact on the environment and at the same time have their lives made easier as any possible postal delays are eliminated. Activate your eStatement by simply calling 0860 555 111.


Lost and stolen American Express Cards

As an American Express Cardmember you will not be held liable for any fraudulent transactions on your Card once it has been reported as lost or stolen. Call 0800 110 929.


*  Optional enrolment for American Express Cardmembers. An additional monthly linkage fee of R19 applies.
** Eligible spend includes all your local and international purchases but excludes cash withdrawals, purchases of casino chips and travellers cheques, purchase fees and finance charges. Terms and conditions apply.


We welcome you to apply for the American Express Gold Charge Card, providing the following criteria are met:

  • You are over 18 years of age;
  • You have a good credit rating;
  • You are a South African resident; and
  • You have an annual income of R200,000 or more.