The American Express® Gold Credit Card

Gold Charge Card

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Balance Transfer (BT) Offer

Balance Transfer key facts
Rate 9,90%*
Available for 6 Months
Handling fee No fee



Transfer your balance from another credit card or store card to your Gold Credit Card at a low rate of 9,90% for the first 6 months*.


If you are an existing American Express Gold Credit Cardmember, simply call 0860 119 966.

Please have following details handy and we will gladly transfer the balance for you:

  • Your American Express Card details, Credit Card account number or the number on the Card
  • Name of the institution where the balance is currently held
  • Plastic or account number of credit card or store card at the institution
  • Amount you wish to transfer

If you would like to take up the offer, but do not have an American Express Gold Credit Card click here to apply for a credit card. Be sure to tick the balance transfer check box on the application form before submitting.

* The balance transferred will be paid off before the balance of your normal purchases.
** Balance Transfer terms and conditions apply.
*** For store cards payments, note an amount is paid into the Cardmember's current account and the Cardmember is responsible for settling the debt.

Click here to read Card Terms and Conditions.
Click here to read the Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions.


We welcome you to apply for the American Express Gold Credit Card, providing the following criteria are met:

  • You are over 18 years of age;
  • You have a good credit rating;
  • You are a South African resident; and
  • You have an annual income of R120,000 or more.