The American Express® Gold Credit Card

The Gold Card

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Frequently Asked Questions



Does American Express require a signature for online applications?

Yes, legally we can process your Card application but cannot issue you with the Card until we get your signature. When you collect your Card at your nearest Nedbank branch, you will be required to sign for the Card as well as produce positive identification.

Do I need to complete all the information requested on the online application form?

Whilst American Express can process your application without all of the information completed, the omission of information could delay the application process and could affect the decision regarding your application.

How long will it be before I get my Card?

As long as we have all your information completed and your signature, the Card should not normally take longer than 10 working days.

How does it work?

It is the same as other credit cards in that it allows you to spend money and pay the balance back over time. You will receive a monthly statement that details all the transactions (spending, payments, fees, interest etc) on your account for that month. You then have 55 days in which to make payment. This could be the minimum payment, which will be shown on your statement, or the full amount, or any amount in between.

How do I make payments?

With an Automatic Payment Order or you can post a cheque to us, or use the payment slip with your statement to make a payment via any Nedbank branch.

Can I pay the amount due by direct debit?

Yes, it is possible to have a direct debit facility set up on the account so that the minimum amount due automatically gets debits from your Bank account.

What can the Gold Credit Card be used for?

For travel, entertainment and day-to-day expenses.

How many days do I have to make a payment from the time my statement is produced?

55 days.

Can I use my Gold Credit Card everywhere?

You can use your Gold Credit Card wherever you see the American Express logo. This now includes supermarkets like Pick & Pay, and high street stores, including Woolworths. You can also use it for booking holidays, and in many restaurants, fitness and nightclubs.

Do you issue cheques with the Card?

No, that's not something we offer at present.

Can I have Additional Card accounts?

Yes, you can nominate your family and friends to have Additional Cards on your account.

Is there a fee for additional/Supplementary Cards?

Supplementary card for Gold Credit Card is free.

How is my interest calculated on cash withdrawals?

On a daily basis.

Can I increase my credit limit?

After the first six months, you will be able to request an increase.

How many increases in credit limit can I have in one year?

After the initial six months, you can request up to two credit limit increases per year - one every six months, depending on your payment pattern

How do I get cash with the Gold Credit Card?

Once you've received your Card, visit your nearest Nedbank branch to arrange for a PIN (Personal Identification Number). The branch staff will encode your Card with this PIN, allowing you cash withdrawals facilities at any Cash Point ATM's. The Card can also be used for cash abroad.

What are Membership Rewards™?

Membership Rewards™ is designed to reward you every time you charge purchases to your Gold Credit Card. Rewards are accumulated at a rate of 1 point for every R5 spent, and these points never expire.



We welcome you to apply for the American Express Gold Credit Card, providing the following criteria are met:

  • You are over 18 years of age;
  • You have a good credit rating;
  • You are a South African resident; and
  • You have an annual income of R120,000 or more.