The American Express® Gold Credit Card

Gold Charge Card

My life is about financial flexibility.
My card is the perfect everyday companion.

Financial Features


An applicable spending limit is customised to suit your personal financial requirements. The minimum spending limit that will be assigned is R2000. Your individual spending limit is determined by your lifestyle needs and what you can afford. Once accepted into the world of American Express you can shop almost everywhere both locally and abroad.


Lessen the load of unusually large transactions. Our easy payment strategy allows Cardmembers to spread manageable payments over a period of 6-24 months by charging the purchase to a budget facility.


Monthly payments are calculated to include 100% of fees, finance charges, the overline amount and budget instalment, and 5% of the outstanding balance.

An Automatic Payment Order may be set up for the account to be paid automatically every month, and can be specified to cover the full amount, minimum amount or for a set amount.


Your Card entitles you to emergency cash when overseas. Present your Card at any American Express Travel or Foreign Exchange Office and you can withdraw up to 50% of your credit line per billing cycle (depending on whether you have that amount of credit available).


By encoding the Card with a 4-digit PIN, which can be facilitated at any Nedbank Branch, Cardmembers can withdraw up to 50% of their credit limit at self-service terminals at all national Saswitch ATMs, as well as more than 800 000 international ATMs and American Express dispensers in the Express Cash network.


American Express Gold Credit Card offers a dispute service. When a legitimate dispute arises the item being questioned is set aside and the Cardmember pays the balance of the account. Finance charges are not raised on items American Express agrees to place on dispute until resolved.


In the event of the Cardmember losing their Card or it being stolen, it must be reported immediately by calling
0800 110 929. The Cardmember will not be held liable for any transactions arising thereafter. Lost Card protection is free.


This is unique insurance policy that covers our Cardmembers for an outstanding Credit Card balance of up to R150 000 (including their budget facility) should the Cardmember pass away or be in left unable to earn an income.

For only R7.90 per R1 000 of outstanding balance cover, the American Express Payment Protection Plan provides cover against all of the following eventualities:

  • Death - natural and unnatural causes

  • Permanent total disability, which prevents you from following your normal, or similar occupation

  • Personal catastrophe - this includes diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, or a major organ transplant, heart valve surgery, coronary artery by-pass surgery, paraplegia, blindness, major burns, HIV through blood transfusion etc.

  • Retrenchment - this cover only takes effect after the third consecutive month of cover and is payable for up to six months. (Terms and conditions apply. Full details of these will be provided in your policy document.)

The Payment Protection Plan is offered to American Express Gold Credit Cardmembers under the age of 65. Their acceptance guaranteed and no medical examination is required. The premiums will be conveniently debited to the Cardmember’s Gold Card. For further information on the Payment Protection Plan, please refer to Nedgroup Life on 0860 263 543.


We welcome you to apply for the American Express Gold Credit Card, providing the following criteria are met:

  • You are over 18 years of age;
  • You have a good credit rating;
  • You are a South African resident; and
  • You have an annual income of R120,000 or more.