The American Express® Platinum Credit Card

The Blue Credit Card

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Balance Transfer (BT) Terms and Conditions

1. We, at our sole discretion, may grant you a facility, the amount of which we alone determine, to facilitate the transfer of the balance from one account to the Card account if:
  a. You have properly maintained the account from which the balance is to be transferred.
  b.  We have approved your application for the Card.
  c. You have your Card physically with you.
  d.  You have applied for the balance transfer offer and have indicated in the application the account from which the balance is to be transferred.
  e. You authorise us to verify the status and balance of the account, and if we grant you the facility, you authorise us to effect payment on your behalf into the account.
  f. You do not qualify if you have an existing BT currently with the Nedbank Group.
2.   The promotional offer rate will apply to the transferred amount only for the offer period.

The balance transfer amount cannot be revised or revoked once application has been processed.

4.   You will be responsible for closing the account from which the balance is transferred if you wish to close that such account.
5.   You must pay any amount outstanding on the account from which the balance is transferred.
6.   You must continue to pay your current minimum payment on the account on which you have requested a balance transfer until you receive the statement showing that the such balance has been transferred.
7.   You understand that we may decline your balance transfer request.
8.   We can’t accept transfers from cards issued by companies within the Nedbank Group.
9.   Your monthly payments will reduce your balance transfer outstanding amount first (promotional balance transfer will be repaid before purchases). This means that you will be charged interest on other balances and new spending whilst your balance transfer is being paid off.
10.   If you do not make at least the minimum payment by the payment due date each month or if you exceed your credit limit at any time we will remove the promotional rate from any balance transfer and charge at your standard rate instead.
11.   An early settlement fee of 3% or minimum R50 will be charged.
12.   For store card payments, note an amount is paid into your current account and it is your responsibility for settling the store card debt.


We welcome you to apply for the American Express Platinum Credit Card, providing the following criteria are met:

  • You are over 18 years of age;
  • You have a good credit rating;
  • You are a South African resident; and
  • You have an annual income of R300,000 or more.