The American Express® Business Gold Card

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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the qualifying criteria for the Business Card?

The Business Card has been designed to meet the needs and demands of small businesses - including self employed individuals, sole proprietors and businesses with fewer than 50 employees. All applications will be considered on own merit. Depending on the legal entity involved, certain documents may be requested.

How much will the Card cost me?

The Annual Service Fee for the Business Gold Card is R250 including VAT. 

How much can I charge to my Business Card?

The American Express® Business Card is a Charge Card that has no preset spending limit. In effect, you set your own limit by your ongoing spend patterns and your ability to repay the full outstanding balance each month. In order to protect you from the fraudulent use of your Card, a special authorisation may be required when the amount of the transaction demands this. In these cases, the Merchant will telephone us and we will promptly deal with your transaction

Where can I draw cash in South Africa and how much?

Cash can be withdrawn at any local Cashpoint ATM and over the counter at Nedbank branches. You can draw up to R2000 in any 30 day period at a rate of R500 per day. In order to withdraw cash your Card needs to be encoded with a PIN at any Nedbank branch.

Where can I draw cash overseas and how much?

Internationally cash can be withdrawn at any American Express Foreign Exchange office on presentation of your Business Card and your passport. You may draw up to $2000 in any 14 day period for emergencies.

How do I go about enjoying all the benefits the Savings Programme has to offer?

When telephoning one of the savings partners for free telephonic advice, please supply your Card number and contact details. Should you exceed the stipulated time period involved or the number of calls allowed you will be responsible for additional charges.

What payment options are there?

Accounts can be settled by means of an Automatic Payment Order, by cheque, at any Nedbank branch or by electronic funds transfer.

Can I use electronic banking with my American Express® Card?

If you are an existing Nedbank client, you can link your American Express® Card to your electronic banking profile at any Nedbank branch. This will enable you to obtain your balance and a list of the last twenty transactions on your American Express® Card either via Netbank or Nedbank bank self service terminals.

You are also able to transfer money from a Nedbank Bank account to your American Express® Card to pay the amount due. Unfortunately, at this time, payments cannot be made from an American Express® Card to third party beneficiaries or to any other account unless these are set up as debit orders.

If you are not a Nedbank Bank client, you can arrange for your American Express® Card to be linked to your Electronic banking profile by contacting your bank directly.